Launching Summer 2012 - Sign Up Below allow you to take
lessons and training courses
using your webcam.

Trainers and students can train
from anywhere in the world.

Trainers make money.
Students save money.

If you would like to take classes, lessons,
courses, or take an appointment from
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If you would like to teach classes or train
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What is allows you to take lessons, classes, courses, and more using your web cam. Instead of going out to someone's office or business to have an appointment or meeting, you can do it over your webcam. Everyone saves time, trainers make money and students save money.

What are some features?

  • Trainers can offer free sessions or videos.
  • Trainers can stream in high definition.
  • Trainers are free to promote their business location for clients in their area.
  • Trainers and students can communicate using voice chat or regular web chat during a session.
  • Sessions can be any length, trainers decide when to open and close them.
  • Private messaging between trainers and students to organize training sessions (similair to Facebook chat).
  • Coming Soon: Group sessions, seminars, everything you ever dreamed of.
  • What can you train using a webcam?

    Almost anyone can train, expand your client base to the world by using WebCamTraining to train, consult, coach, and more...

    Nutrionistists & Dietitions - See clients from your own own, create meal plans and more.

    Personal Training - Train your clients from your home, all you need is a small workout area. Train yoga, martial arts, aerobics, or anything that only needs a small space.

    Business Training & Consulting - Train and instruct your worldwide clients from anywhere in a professional setting.

    Coaching - Life coaching, business coaching, any kind of coaching can be done here.

    Legal Consultation - Offer your clients a face to face meeting for a more personal touch.

    Do students need a webCam?

    No, students can still train using a microphone, or even just using chat to communicate to the trainer.

    How Much Does It Cost?

    Trainers and students can register for free. Trainers decide on how much each session lasts, and how much it costs. Trainers can also offer sessions and pre-recorded video sessions for free.

    Are Trainers Certified?

    Each trainer must include proof in the form of a degree, course completion, certificate, or a reference. The level of certification required will depend on the training category.